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  1. This functionality is in Skitch for MacOS already (I don't know about PC version). You take a screenshot and right after that you can annotate it and get a shareable link. As you can make a note from a screenshot and have an opportunity to annotate it afterwards, using Skitch as an addition now is obsolete I think. When using pure Evernote functionality now, you have to make a screenshot note, then you have to open the Evernote, then right click on an image & choose annotate. Too many actions. And also, as I see, Skitch is no longer supported or updated for MacOS. And you cannot edit annotation inside Evernote, only from Skitch, not useful. So the best possible option would be: - Press the hotkey and choose the region on screen - the screenshot opens with the possibility to annotate - you can press the hotkey in the annotation interface to get the shareable link - the screenshot is saved to chosen notebook (it would be better to choose a separate notebook for screenshots)
  2. I've created some saved searches on mac EN and added them to shortcuts. After Sync to the names of each saved search the "1" has been added. I try to rename them, but after each Sync, this additional 1 come back. Sometimes it adds another one, so I got smth like SavedSearchName 1 1 Attached a screenshot of my Shortcuts. How can I get rid of this 1's?
  3. For example I have 3 tags: home work completed I'd like to make a search query, to show any notes with "home" or "work" tags, without "complete" tag. How can I do it? I've tried -tag:completed any: tag:home tag:work It doesn't work
  4. This is great, but is it possible to update a note with table of contents automatically? For example, I add a note to a specific notebook (or move from another notebook, actually Inbox) with a huge number of notes, and I have a note there with an Index or Table of Contents, it would be cool to have a feature that automatically add a note link to newly added note. In todays situation using a GTD like process of management I have to spend a lot of time cleaning Inbox. I try to use evernote as personal knowledge base (like wiki) and missing some features wikis have. Generally speaking this stuff [[WikiWord]]. It could become a link pressing on which I can choose a note to link to. And if I use it in text it can be that link that I already set up. Right Click could edit the link for the defined word.
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