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  1. It would awesome to introduce a 'command palette' a la Sublime Text (example attached) . A single shortcut would activate it and then we could select from a list of command what to do or where to go
  2. Hi enkaytee, I know I'm OT but the links there didn't work That would be awesome! But the main topic of this discussion is to have someone check on this bug, I hope it will be fixed soon. As you said I don't have problems on my other devides (win and android) Thanks
  3. I'm running on a macbook pro with snow leopard 10.6.8 what about your system? That link refers to windows installations. I've been looking for a long time for an old mac version (cause I dislike the 5) but I had no luck. If you find a place where to download the old EN versions for mac please share it. In the meanwhile I hope someone from the team will read this thread and suggest us a fix. Thanks
  4. Just upgraded some minutes ago to 5.4.3 (402231) on mac. I see this error in each note without the possibility to see the notes content. This page contains the following errors:error on line 3 at column 39: EntityRef: expecting ';'Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error. My console log says: 11/21/13 8:04:02 PM Evernote[65478] *** __NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x11698d2b0 of class NSCFData autoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking You can see the attachment file.
  5. The link is dead, does anyone else have a working link? I need to downgrade to version 4, Thanks!
  6. Thanks Brian, but maybe I didn't mention that I was on a Mac. That link seems to refer to Windows previous versions. Anybody else has a working link for old mac versions? Thanks This thread is in the Windows section. You may find something if you search in the Mac section. Ops, sorry about that
  7. IMO that is because they introduced too many features at once. More features means increasing complexity and in a way or another you have to adjust the UI/UX flow to make the use of these features as a natural as possible. But I think they went to the other direction, I'm not a computer newbie and I think the interface for mac is the most unusable piece of software I've ever tried. It's nice, it looks pretty and shining BUT they've lost the focus on what's important: the functionality! More important: don't design your interface for mac/windows as if it was meant for mobile, no, that's not the way! I'm very disappointed and if I can't downgrade I'll switch back to plain text note taking and syncing
  8. Thanks Brian, but maybe I didn't mention that I was on a Mac. That link seems to refer to Windows previous versions. Anybody else has a working link for old mac versions? Thanks
  9. @Brian would you be so kind to share your version (4) of Evernote with us? I've spent 1 hours looking for an old version but I had no luck. Evernote 5 is terrible! Either I downgrade or I need to switch to another application. What makes me angry and frustrated is that many, many people are complaining about it but the company doesn't really care. If they really cared about their users they could at least offer a way to downgrade, and we would be still both happy...
  10. I think the same. The new interface is terrible, I feel so frustrated! I have many sub-notebooks so I usually show them on the side panel to have a reference point on where I am. The most funny things (never seen in any modern application) is that when you click on a notebook on the sidebar, it is NOT being highlighted so I'm lost, I don't know in which notebook or sub-notebook I am. I opened a request and they told they will introduce this feature soon but it's been a while and IMO this is not a feature it's basic UI/UX design... I'm looking for an alternative to evernote or to downgrade to the version 4. Every time I open it I get nervous, seriously.
  11. Hello, I'm on a Mac. I select View/Sidebar Options/Notebooks to visualize all my notebooks structure on the sidebar. The problem is that the current notebook that I'm working on is NOT highlighted in any way. Is it normal? Is there anything I can do to change this behavior? It's not very user friendly because it's difficult to know where I am on the notebook structure Please refer to the attached screenshot. Thanks
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