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  1. I was going to request this feature but found an old topic that already had the request. I wish there were a way to use the web clipper to quickly enter a text note without capturing any of the page details.
  2. I updated the python script a bit to handle cases where 'H2' might be embedded in the note, such as h264. I also have it reading the Springpad notebook field and putting the notes into a subdirectory for easier importing into Evernote. Notes that are in two or more Springpad notebooks will look a bit odd as there will be a subdirectory created that references each of the notebooks (e.g. "Places I've Been or Want to Go, Date Night Ideas"). The directory creation uses the slash key as I'm on a Mac, you may need to change it to a backslash. You may also need to change the location of python in the first line. Once the notes are split into their individual directories/files you can then import them into the Evernote notebooks of your choice and use tags as you wish. Were I not about to embark on my honeymoon tomorrow I'd have added more logic to make the meta-data information a bit more friendly. Big thanks to the original poster of the script. Once I'm back I'll probably add more logic to make my own import nicer, if so I'll post an update. #!/usr/bin/pythonimport reimport osdef writeNote(noteSubjectParam,noteBookParam): origParam = noteSubjectParam if noteBookParam == "": directory = "Unfiled" + "/" else: directory = noteBookParam + "/" if not os.path.exists(directory): os.makedirs(directory) for ch in ':;/\\`<>|' : noteSubjectParam = noteSubjectParam.replace("&", "&") noteSubjectParam = noteSubjectParam.replace("–", "-") noteSubjectParam = noteSubjectParam.replace(ch, '-') print "Processing: ", origParam, "\n -> ", noteSubjectParam nf = open(directory+noteSubjectParam + '.htm', 'w') nf.write(note) nf.write(footer) nf.close()f = open('index.html','r')header = ""headerComplete = Falsefooter = """</div></body></html>"""noteStart = FalsenoteSubject = ""noteBook = ""note = ""h2re = re.compile('<h2 class="fn">(.*)</h2>', re.IGNORECASE)ntbk = re.compile('<div class="\[\]"><span actual-name="workbooks" class="label">Notebook</span><span class="content ">(.*)</span>', re.IGNORECASE)invalidFSChars = re.compilei = 0for line in f: if '<div class="instance' in line: if not headerComplete: headerComplete = True #Finish header if noteStart: #Finish note writeNote(noteSubject,noteBook) i += 1 noteStart = True note = line elif '<h2 class' in line: m = h2re.match(line) noteSubject = m.group(1) elif '<span actual-name="workbooks"' in line: m = ntbk.match(line) noteBook = m.group(1) else: if not headerComplete: header += line elif noteStart: note += lineif noteStart: #Finish last note writeNote(noteSubject,noteBook)
  3. But nothing for non-dated reminders? I actually date very few of my task items.
  4. It doesn't appear that clearing a reminder alters a note in any other way than removing the clock icon highlight. Is there any way to know that the note once had a reminder? Ultimately I would want to have it check off the box within the note, add a tag, something so that when I review that notebook I can see what had been done previously.
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