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  1. megsaint...agreed, it is free. But I put Penultimate on my wife's iPad (also before Evernote's acquisition of it) and she has full functionality WITHOUT being linked to Evernote. Same version...4.1.1. So, what I'm trying to ultimately figure out is how to get Penultimate back to the way it functions on her device...without an tie to Evernote. I've begun a transition to Notes Plus. It is feature rich (more so than Penultimate ever was in the state I enjoyed it...pre-Evernote) so I think this will have to become my primary app. I'm still wondering, though, how the same version functions on her device without the need for the Evernote account but on mine, if I log out, I lose the ability to use Penultimate in any way! It start-up (even after I force it to quite in iOS) with the log-in screen to Evernote...I don't even 'see' my notebooks under the log-in dialog and no way can you dismiss the dialog work Evernote-free (as she has on her device). Strange and frustrating at the same time.
  2. Methinks you must have a tiny hand with no capacitance...! I have the same trouble with Penultimate as the previous poster - I touch the screen below where I'm writing and I either get a page turn or a mark or both. And the blasted permanent, complete, two-way sync is still there - so I've abandoned Penultimate for now. I'm using Notes Plus. Amazingly powerful, and easy to use. I used Notability for a while, but a student put me onto Notes Plus and I haven't looked back. Agreed, I invested in Notes Plus since Penultimate was crippled by Evernote. No subscription required to use what I once had backed up with Dropbox. Notes Plus is fantastic!
  3. Some came back, some are gray boxes I can't delete from the device...they won't sync back from wherever Evernote put them. I'm very disgusted with this acquisition and complete re-programming of what was once an absolutely brilliant app.
  4. I've never found Evernote to be my 'cup of tea.' I certainly don't pay on a regular schedule for storing information across third party services (yes, I do iCloud because of my historical Apple-centric life). So, somewhere in the past using Penultimate that I purchased before Evernote's acquisition, I must have linked it to Evernote. Now, I can't use Penultimate! I can't create new notebooks...unless I'm signed into Evernote. I can't see existing notebooks...unless I'm signed into Evernote. I can't stop Evernote from always syncing...when mandatorily signed into Evernote. In other words, I can't use Penultimate, an App I paid for in the App Store. The version I have is 4.1.1 now on my iPad. Am I just too critical that an App I love is not gone? Does anyone else have these issues, and moreover found a solution to getting back to Penultimates elegance in handwritten note taking on the iPad? Thanks in advance.
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