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  1. Many thanks for the replies. I can see that whilst my request was to simplify my use, it would make things more complex overall. I'm going to take the approach of Reminder Today and add an expiration to the Header - this will provide the functionality I need. Just needed to think about it a different way.
  2. Whilst I have a lot of content that I need to keep for a long time, I also keep promotions, discount vouchers and travel information. I would like something that is a little more versatile than a single reminder. I get a discount voucher that is valid from today through until 30 August - I would like the note in my reminders everyday until it is no longer valid - marked as expired at the end (Note: not automatically deleted). I have a boarding pass (Reminder on specific day) that I would like to retain until after my travel is complete (Reminder checked off, but valid until xx/xx/xx).
  3. I have a product on my Mac - JPEGmini which is amazing at reducing the overall size of JPEG files. It would be good if there was a way to ensure that webpages and other images I gather could be (if I selected) run through JPEGmini before being added to a note. Just ran against the Evernote database on my Mac and removed 100MB - not huge.. But significant. (1.8x improvement apparently).
  4. Redownloaded and reinstalled. All now OK.
  5. I've literally just installed this update - Evernote prompted to download and install... I now have Evernote launched but just the menu, no application screen or database that I can see Can I relink the app to the database or do I need to reinstall?
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