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  1. I am a physician whose staff bills Medicare, so I'm used to obtuse support. Intuit (Quickbooks) is second only to Microsoft Office with unhelpful help. Log into Evernote and go to help. Type in "add device" and voila! NOTHING comes up. Who would want to add a device? Anybody? ANYbody? It turns out that if you have a premium account and login with a new device, it is automatically added. Evernote's productivity saves so much time that I was able to spend 30 minutes searching for this answer without losing any productivity. Thanks for such excellent support Evernote! Now, get back to your other job; promoting Evernote's fine features.
  2. Return Notebooks as a default view option I am used to the notebook view and it worked well for me. How I work in my office: I look on my desk for folders containing documents and select the one which by design, contains my top priority items. I used to open Evernote to see notebooks which I designed to have prioritized documents. The top one had my to do list and errand list in it. Now Evernote opens to a list of all the documents on my desk and I need to click on notebooks to return to a notebook view. Dumber than a box of hammers. Might be a good idea to offer the notebook view as a default IF THE CUSTOMER WANTS IT. I liked Evernote so much that I purchased a premium account before I needed it. Recommend it to everyone.
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