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  1. ...same experience here after some use. It's counter intuitive. and more crashes w/ the beta.
  2. Can advise where can we download the latest beta (regularly) including the latest 6.0.9 Beta 2? Thanks
  3. Some results for me (though somewhat inconsistant) Setup 2012 imac 27" w// 12gb ram7-9k notesaverage note 20-50kb of text (usually bulleted lists) Initial Results - SPOTTY after having EN open and working around fine for like 5 min....Clicking around text note and typing seems improved, though still get 1-5 sec wait with beachball every so often (I'd say 1 in 20 times). Subjectively 50-75% betterCutting/pasting from outside note, slowed activity to a crawl nearly every time w/ a 5-7 second lag between related actions (no beachball)Formatting text (B, I, U, colors, fonts, bullets, etc...) proved just as bad with an average of 5 sec delay (no beachball) and nearly every timethen i turned on "Reduce Transparency" and seemed to have an immediate effect (cant be 100% actions were related) Currently - MUCH BETTER I turned ON "Reduce Transparency" in "Settings > Accessibility" and all the problems seemed to go away.here's the weird part, I later turned it OFF again (unchecked) and the issues have not returned yet. Will continue to monitor after installing 6.0.9 Beta 2 and report back here.
  4. I'm still trying to discern if I'm seeing improvement in 6.0.8 with my home mac (had been using 3 other macs w/ less ram while on the road these past few weeks and was horrendous) and though I'm not noticing as much lag, I still need to put it through it's paces and compare w/ same on macbook.
  5. In case it helps anyone.. Now using 6.0.8 via direct download and still happening across all four of my macs (two iMacs, one macbook pro, and a mac mini). All kinds of typing, even clicking the cursor on another part of the note takes 3 seconds to register. Only thing that helps temporarily is restarting EN (every 5 min) Suggestion to EN team: back before i discovered a macintosh computer, I remember a little program on my Windows '95 machine called "notepad", maybe you can provide a link to that in your program instead of the current text editor, it seemed pretty snappy.
  6. Just google "evernote mac slow typing" and you will see that is affecting quite a few people and for some time now. Evernote employee @Jackolicious was nice enough to respond earlier in this thread, but the message has not changed for months: "Have you tried to direct download the latest 6.0.2, 6.0.3, 6.0.4, 6.0.5, 6.0.6, 6.0.7, ...." to ... "We are anticipating even more performance improvements in 6.0.8" ... sounds more like guesswork than acknowledgement of an issue and commitment to remedy. Makes it sound like: ignoring, ignorance, or issue profound/fundamental. Can't complain too much as, though I use quite a bit, I am not a paid user (at this rate, not sure I would ever be). Here's to hoping is resolved soon.
  7. +1 - going on for months and months and months was on a path towards converting office/all notes to digital within evernote. now looking for alternatives.
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