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  1. I upgraded to premium more than a few weeks ago. It is not the first time that I see this Ad. A few days earlier the ad (popup, which asks if I would like to try the Telekom stuff) showed up as well. I believe the app must have been closed since then. But I will give it a try and close it manually. Olly
  2. Hello Evernote Team, why do I get to see this annoying Deutsche Telekom Ad when opening up the Evernote App on my iPhone? I have already a premium account which I recently extended by adding my uncles telekom account. I don´t need these type of annoying advertising. Regards, Olly
  3. I just tried this and it works. wenn man jedoch nur einmal für einen Monat den Premium Dienst testen will, funktioniert auch der Umweg über das Geschenk nicht, da es direkt für ein Jahr ist. To the Evernote admins who are not able to speak german: I doubt you care about the problem, so fix the payment problem or live with the fact that you are excluding some customers who are not willing to give their credit card information to a company that a ) was hacked before b ) has no interest in paying customers for at least more than 3 years. Olly
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