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  1. Does anyone know the server address that handles the chat feature, or port? In other words, I know evernote.com uses 80 and 443 for all regular communication, but there must be a sub-domain that handles the Chat feature/service? Or is it all handled by the same server/connection? If it is a different server/sub-domain, does anyone know what it is? -Thanks in advance
  2. I asked them the same thing and they just said thanks for the feedback... thousands of people have to deal with the current primitive way of deleting a picture which is either placing the mouse pointer and clicking right after the image and pressing backspace, or right before the image and selecting delete. I also asked them why something as simple as clicking a photo/image on a note and allowing for a menu item to appear that can be clicked on like a trash icon or the simple X to signal the system that you want such photo/image to be deleted from the note, but no, they dont have this, and e
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