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  1. Does anyone know the server address that handles the chat feature, or port? In other words, I know evernote.com uses 80 and 443 for all regular communication, but there must be a sub-domain that handles the Chat feature/service? Or is it all handled by the same server/connection? If it is a different server/sub-domain, does anyone know what it is? -Thanks in advance
  2. I asked them the same thing and they just said thanks for the feedback... thousands of people have to deal with the current primitive way of deleting a picture which is either placing the mouse pointer and clicking right after the image and pressing backspace, or right before the image and selecting delete. I also asked them why something as simple as clicking a photo/image on a note and allowing for a menu item to appear that can be clicked on like a trash icon or the simple X to signal the system that you want such photo/image to be deleted from the note, but no, they dont have this, and even if you right-click a photo/image (Mac) you dont even get a Delete option, you have to right-click, then click away from the pop-up menu and then with the image now highlighted, you can press the delete button on the keyboard and it will delete it. Oh and alternative to right-clicking the image is clicking it and sort of dragging it anywhere and it will highlight it for you and act like it was moving the image somewhere, this just saves you the right-clicking and clicking away from the pop-up menu, which is an easier way to highlight and click delete, but still not a real click to delete function. For those who might say that you can just click Cut from this pop-up menu, I say no i dont want to cut because what if I had something copied previously on the systems memory...exactly..., the Delete option is available on the top Edit menu, but not on the pop-up menu on the image... And sorry, I still dont understand why something so basic as clicking something and then having the option to delete isnt available...maybe they have their reasons.. but for the pop-up menu of an image to not have a delete option is inexcusable.
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