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  1. long time passed since this topic started... and I'm still getting a fair daily dosage of annoyance due to the lack of this... I want multiple search windows open in parallel.
  2. +1 for "We want higly visible and editable dates back"
  3. with the 6.0 update Created and Updated dates of the note are not any more displayed in the header of the note. I MISS THEM VERY MUCH!
  4. same for me, not fully consistent though: pasting simply formatted text typically does not cause this pasting images always causes that cursor automatically goes back to the top of the note after the paste operation pasting bulleted, formatted content is more likely to cause the issue
  5. I have the same "passcode delay" problem. Both with iPhone and iPad. I guess it's related to the new concept of ios7 for caching last screen content for app switching. Definitely a security "hole".
  6. +1 for collapsible outlining (representing users grown up using microsoft word outline view and microsoft onenote bullets)
  7. +1 i'm having this scenario: 1. do a search, 2. find a list of notes (let's say 20 hits), 3. go through all of them, 4. while processing them search for other relevant notes without multiple search windows this is difficult.
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