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  1. Wow, amazing feedback! Thanks to everyone that replied. I think that with the exception of the iOS Safari web clipper thing everything has basically been addressed! THANK YOU! What I have learned & a few comnents: 1. I clearly need to rethink how I tag things & develop a more firm guideline for myself in this regard. 2. I actually have dolphin installed, but I forget to use it. Moving it to make more visible...thanks for reminding me! 3. In regards to the comment about Apple not wanting to allow extensions...I guess I don't know enough about it to speak intelligently because it seems that they are mostly on par with the other primary browser options. I realize that there are options like Dolphin that provide an easier option, but us there an easier option with Chrome mobile? If there is I am unaware & need to know because I have been using the same bookmarklet I use with safari, but with safari it is actually fewer taps to reach. Maybe I can set up a dedicated shortcuts/ bookmarklets tab in Chrome...that could make it easier to access. I will report back if I learn of a better option. But is it so hard to create a simplified version of the standard Evernote bookmarklet that will just send a page to the default notebook without all the input options? If you haven't explored "pocket" and it's bookmarklet mobile feature, try it out. It's as close to perfect for a mobile application as I can imagine. (btw, the safari bookmarklet worked fine forever...I don't think apple intentionally made it so it would be more difficult to use. I feel like it may just be a bi product of the redesign that hasn't been considered...and based on my very limited knowledge it seems that it would be up to the 3rd party developer to ensure compatibility. But I guess it makes sense that Evernote doesn't because it's not an "officially supported feature." Question that I will post in the iOS forum, but since you all have been so helpful please feel free to reply here & I will update that post with the best solution. --- What is the best way to clip a web page into Evernote from iOS mobile Safari? Not another browser, iOS Safari. Thanks!
  2. ***I invite all to respond to this, but please limit responses to votes either agreeing with these requests, links to the solutions to the requests, or directions to find either the direct answers or very good work arounds. The very reason I am writing this post verses finding this info in other past posts, I fear, is because there's so much aimless chatter going on.*** Hi all - Here are some feature requests that I find myself looking for / needing almost daily. This is going to sound like me complaining a lot, so let me say this upfront. I friggin love Evernote. I am a premium user that uses Evernote every day almost all day. It has quickly taken over any other program that I have on my computer as my "go-to" for almost everything. It's AMAZING. There, I like it, let's improve it. Requests in no specific order: Feature Request Voting If we could vote on proposed features to be included in upcoming releases (final decision obviously up to the Evernote Gods) I dare say that we may end up with a much more user friendly service verses a bunch of rarely used secondary apps. Don't get me wrong, love some of the secondary apps…but as Spock would say, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." And I'm sure it's driven by $$$ and the need to attract new users, but how about we take the least used iOS app, kill it, and put that effort into improvements that include some basic needs Mark as Read This just seems like a no brainer to me Assign colors to notes Kinda like categories in Outlook. Maybe come up with some default category colors but let us customize those or add our own custom colors. Picture it, a notebook with 60 notes in it…all the red notes are involving accounting, blue notes are notes from client meetings, orange notes are general reference, etc, etc, etc. This would be HEAVEN. Archive Maybe an archive feature that allows you to EASILY & QUICKLY include or exclude its contents from the search features. I get TONS of irrelevant search results now because I have so many old notes that have no point….until one of my clients calls and needs me to pull something out of thin air while they're on the phone with me….and that very same client is about to give me my next project that will feed me for the next 6 months. Duplicate I know you can do the linking thing, but SOMETIMES you just need to copy/paste an actual note verses make a link. Haven't researched this fully, maybe there's a way that I am just overlooking. But if I'm overlooking it, maybe it needs to be more obvious. Undo I know that we have the back arrow, but I recently discovered that it really does only take you back. The scenario was when I accidentally dropped a note into one of about 20 notebooks that each had about 60 notes in them. And the worst part, I wasn't exactly sure what the note was titled & I hadn't added tags or anything. That's just one example…it may be rare, but there are 100 other weird little examples. iOS Safari Clipper (shhh, I know there's another forum…but if you use Evernote for Mac, chances are you use it on your friggin iPhone) This hasn't always been an issue - I created a bookmarklet in mobile safari that usually works well to clip mobile sites easily into evernote. Problem is that it has started coming up too large for the screen & will not resize. I've figured out that you can tap in one of the other fields & it will give you a "go" button that processes the clip, but then I have to go fill in all the info that is needed in the actual evernote app. There needs to be an official way to clip from another mobile browser that works well, period. OK, done with the soap box. Next up please? Toodles, Dylan
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