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  1. I am testng the betha version. There is a huge amount of space left and right in my screen were nothing happens I do not need a "clutterfree" minimal focus design to enter my notes. The left drawer with my favorite notebooks disappears when I selected a notebook. I have to click to get the drawer back and then click on another notebook. That is two clicks were there was only one click. That is not good! This is terrible I am losing this sense of overview. I really want to be able to see as much relevant data. This sense of overview were you can find everything in a logical location is paramount. It is really important to have an constant overview. Of course that can be improved. This design as it is now should be optional, something you can switch on or off. Please evernote do not step into this ratrace that change is imperative. Improvement is imperative. This design can't be based on user requests. I am not sure what is happening, maybe you are in danger of some financial crisis? And you think you need to change drastically? If not then make this beta version not so fluid, that you lose everything out of sight. Make everything accessible with less mouse clicks. And makes this clutter free modus an option, one can choose. Make more options!
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