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  1. Ok Analyst 444, you're right - this is my last mention on this. It's not ease of use. It's just that I started this search 40 years ago on foot with paper, left it as I moved overseas and am now back at it bc of the Internet. I know I need to use a software program but it seems daunting to enter it all, so I want to be sure before I choose. I had been leaning towards Roots Magic but GenoPro with its added ability to do genograms sounds appealing. I will take advantage of the trial and report back.
  2. I have looked into the ratings, but I was wondering specifically about Genopro (mentioned by BurgerNfries), which never seems to be on the lists. I know there is a learning curve for all of them, helped by lots of tutorials etc, but wanted to know if Genopro is any harder to use - was it designed for academics or more tech-saavy people? Has she stuck with it bc it's the one she started with, but wish it had more bells and whistles, or would she still choose it today, over one of those top three? I'm sure the answer is to try them out, which can be done for free I know. For the time being I am trying ot get my genealogy bookmarks and scanned notes into one place - EN.
  3. Thank you to everyone who helped me out on this. Off topic, but BurgersNfries mentioned Genopro. In researching it, no doubt of it's quality. I'm wondering how computer-literate you have to be to use it.
  4. I've searched the forum and there are not many posts on this. I'm wondering if it's bc it's not a good place for family history research? I'd like to hear how you've set up nbs/tags for this hobby. At the moment I'm using paper(s), computer and Ancestry.com. I'm not suggesting EN replace a software program but at least be a repository for all the bookmarks and notes on paper I have collected.
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