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  1. Hi all, I've just started using Evernote with a SnapScan ix500, and it's pretty awesome. I've been shredding as I've been scanning, and this has shown an issue with this setup - I tend to forget that when bills are due. So I started looking at ways to parse the data out of the invoice, get the amount and due date, and then email me when they are due, and perhaps have a little dashboard that show me the bills due in the next week/month etc. Long story short, I have proof-of-concept code that does it, and I'm wondering if there would be interest in me developing this as a service that others could hook into - a digital corkboard that can email you The basic work flow is: 1) Scan the invoice, and tag it as "bill" (or similar) 2) Evernote notifies my service that a new invoice has been uploaded, and downloads the details and attempts to parse it 3) If the system recognises the invoice, it parses it and saves the data. 3a) If it doesn't, it emails you a link - click the link and you can highlight the interesting parts of the invoice, and save it. The next time the system sees that invoice it will be able to parse it. After that, the system will send emails to remind you a week before, the day before and when it becomes overdue. It will also have a dashboard listing the invoices visually. So, would you use it? If there is enough interest, I'll spin it out into a real project - No idea on pricing yet, but somewhere in the $5-$10/month range. I look forward to your feedback Myles
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