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  1. I'm an Evernote premium user. I have Samsung Galaxy Note 8, I use spen to select and take screenshot, that has an option to share to apps without saving it to gallery and that is very useful because when an image goes to gallery it will be synced to cloud and I don't want that. When I share to Evernote it automatically creates a new note with that image but most of the time I actually intended to add that image to an existing note. When I share to Samsung Notes its actually does what I'm expecting. So, I believe its achievable. Do we get on update for that?
  2. Text Highlighter Paste images directly from clipboard Resize image Annotation Code Block style All of these features are already in the native client of Evernote. I think it is inevitable that Evernote has to update their web client equivalent to their native clients. Because OneNote's web client is equal to its native client and OneNote provides a way to import all the Evernote to OneNote. And also OneNote provides a way to Annotate everything not just images but also anything and anywhere in the note best of all, all these feature are also in its web client.
  3. Hi Evernote, History: Many have been shouting since 2013 for a Linux client but yet there is no change is decisions. Response: Linux has less number of users. Facts: Even Microsoft have started shipping Ubuntu(Windows subsystem for Linux) in there Windows 10 desktop insider preview. Unity3D they also started developing Linux client. We even have Office Suite(libreoffice), Image Editing(Gimp), 3D(Blender) for Linux. Question: Why did a company which hated Linux(Microsoft) have to love it now? What is most widely used OS in the world? What will Evernote do if there is Android for Desktop in future(Android is Linux)?
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