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  1. techyjon posted this earlier in this topic and worked great for me. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/77444-how-to-completely-remove-and-reinstall-en-mac/?p=325931
  2. I was able to go back to 5.7.2 from 6.0. Just have to delete all Evernote files from the Library so it will think its a new install.
  3. I would also like to see more contrast. One thing I have noticed with version 6.0.2 is an improvement and at least I can use it now. The contrast and interface color is dependent on what my desktop is when Evernote is opened and is working fine right now.
  4. Update to the pdf sync problem. Just received this from support. "The error you see is related to syncing some notes. This is a known issue that is being worked by the developer team for a fix. Please check often for an updated evernote version. you can do that via the help menu. As a workaround, you can add Attachments from the evernote for Web client. It will require extra steps, but if you load via the web client, everything will sync without issue." Hopefully they are working on the poor UI design also.
  5. Are you using version 6.0.2. When I upgraded to that version my notes started showing up and loading faster.
  6. After I uninstalled version 6 and installed version 5.7.2 an upgrade to version 6.0.2 window popped up. After a long hesitation I decided to take a chance and see if anything was fixed. One thing to note is that I did not do an install from the App Store because it is showing the latest version at 6.0 with no updates available. What I have noticed so far: - Screen still a little bright but I was able to darken the left menu by using a dark or black desktop. This added a touch more contrast. Still needs some work though. - Title does not change to "Untitled" anymore when opening. - My notes are loading much faster. About the same speed as they did in version 5.7.2. - I haven't put the sync error issue through its paces yet so I don't know if this is resolved. At least version 6.0.2 is workable for me now.
  7. I just received this from support. It's about the deleted title issue. "Thanks for reporting this bug. This one was found late last week and has been reported as fixed in version 6.0.2. This version isn't out just yet, but it's the next release for Mac. Please let me know if you still see this issue in 6.0.2."
  8. - Deletes title and changes to "Untitled" when opening. - Removes bullet formatting, etc - Won't sync half my pdf files now for some reason. Keep getting an error. - Very, very slow in loading a note. - Too bright of a UI (yes you can turn brightness down on monitor). But for those of us that have a photographically calibrated monitor this isn't an option. - Many other issues I'm too frustrated to mention Not sure how your Evernote and Yosemite are working so great together. You're one in a million I guess. Nearly all my work on a computer incorporates Evernote. Version 6 has brought my work day to a stressful halt.
  9. Is there an alternative? Has anyone tried Wunderlist, OneNote, Notebook?
  10. What I don't get why they are so proud of the update, when they failed on nearly every aspect. If they "believe that speed and stability are essential for productivity" and "Evernote is significantly faster, more reliable and consumes less energy..." Where is that speed and reliability? I had to uninstall/reinstall Evernote just to see notes it wouldn't show when I upgraded. Takes a while but at least they slowing show up.
  11. Discovered that in the "Help" menu there is an option to "Enter Admin Console". From here I was able to access my business notes under the "Contents>Notebooks" tab on the left and re-join them.
  12. Evernote has sure went downhill fast, like an avalanche with this update. Guess if you're going to fail, do it big! Horrid interface, deleting titles, lack of control between business and personal notebooks, and a complete disregard for the opinions of their users. Sad day.
  13. I was trying to convert my business notebooks back to personal. Thought I could leave them and now all the notebooks vanished from my evernote. How do I access them again? I am the only one associated with the business account as it is a business of one person - me. This is why I was switching them all back to personal.
  14. My question is about editing the Evernote note concerning the contact picture. I know the data fields are editable but can not figure out how to edit the contact photo. I can't figure out why they have it in the first place if it's not editable. It doesn't matter to me whether or not Evernote hooks up to a social network. I just want to be able to edit the contact photo.
  15. I think the business card feature looks at our contacts to get more information. I've added a few business cards that when processed into a note have a lot more information attached than what is on the card plus a photo. These people were already in my contacts. Seems like they could also get their contact information from social sites if that option becomes available.
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