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  1. I've raised Ticket# 663088 and Ticket# 663612, then my forum post was converted into another ticket, the number for which I don't have. As you can tell, I am very concerned - I'd chosen Evernote to be the central information sharing system in my business and to have all of our data suddenly disappear without notice is a big deal. Thanks
  2. Thanks, Chris. Let's see if they give it any attention - they haven't with the tickets I raised myself...
  3. My small company has been relying heavily on Evernote for Business, and we have all been big fans. Then, yesterday, all of our business notebooks just disappeared without warning. I've been emailing customer support, ringing 650-257-0885, and... nothing. The message on the phone number is laughable in what it asks for. If Evernote is going to sell to enterprises, it has got to treat its customers better than this. No business can afford to have a mission-critical system vendor with such poor service.
  4. Hi - I'm on a Mac, and Evernote 3.0.1. I'm currently the only user of Evernote Business - am trying it out before rolling it out to my team, but finding it's not really "there" yet. I did manage to copy some notes from my personal Evernote to a shared Business notebook, but I had to use a workaround I found in this forum to make that work. Next, I thought I would move some PDFs and Word docs I've been storing on Dropbox over to the same shared notebook on Evernote Business. I just dragged and dropped them, which seemed to work, but I hadn't tagged them to start with, so went back into each one on Evernote to do that. What I found was that I could add the tag that already appears on my list of tags to any given document and it would work as expected, but if I enter a new tag (whether it's instead of "behavioural finance" or in a addition to it), it doesn't "stick" - in fact if I type the new tag into the tag field and hit Enter, it disappears. If I type it and hit Tab, it shows it as a tag, but then if I move off that document and then return to it, that tag is gone. Given that I am the only user of the shared Evernote Business notebook, I'd have thought I have full permissions. The notebook in question has been shared to my Business Library and published to all employees, with permission to modify. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Clare
  5. I've just uploaded a bunch of articles I had saved to Dropbox into a shared Evernote Business notebook. I've attempted to tag them with multiple tags, but only the first tag is "sticking". Any ideas?
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