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  1. Thanks very much for the chart - that's useful.Actually I can see that Plus has been legacy since 2018, so I suppose I should take some faith from their commitment to legacy subs.
  2. I'm really confused. I'm on Plus in the UK with 4,500 notes and member since 2012. My subscription runs out 9 December. I pay £30 each year. I don't (currently) want any of the new features of Personal (£55/year - nearly double). What will happen on 9 December? Will they take £30 and I carry on with Plus legacy, or will they downgrade me to Free (what happens to my notes?), upgrade me to Personal and charge more? It's just not clear. And I've wasted an hour on this. After nearly 10 years as a loyal customer, I'm mightly hacked off. I'm sure there is some kind soul out there who can give me an answer! Thanks!
  3. I have to agree about the context popup. Within 5 minutes it must have popped up 10 times and then I looked up how to switch it off. Which I did. For those of you with long memories, it reminded me of Clippy, the infamous and hugely irritating paperclip guy that appeared with Microsoft Office 97. Evernote - you surely don't want to be associated with that, do you?!?!!!! Back to the drawing board please....
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