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  1. I have to agree about the context popup. Within 5 minutes it must have popped up 10 times and then I looked up how to switch it off. Which I did. For those of you with long memories, it reminded me of Clippy, the infamous and hugely irritating paperclip guy that appeared with Microsoft Office 97. Evernote - you surely don't want to be associated with that, do you?!?!!!! Back to the drawing board please....
  2. Well, this is an eye-opener! I am about to be given a Surface Pro 3 for work and was getting very excited about using Penultimate/Evernote on it. I already store many work documents and notes in Evernote and I love it. But now what? I heartily agree with Szczenka above: "Evernote, please consider improving pen support in Windows. I would love to stay with Evernote, but OneNote in user scenarios with pen use is so much better." To Phil Libin: I love your product and it's greatest feature is that I can use it on any device at any time: my Galaxy S3, my iPads, my Windows laptops at home and work....and it all syncs wonderfully. Am I really going to have to give you up and sell my soul to Microsoft OneNote? I really don't want to! Please focus on getting this sorted. I work in a company providing IT services into schools. We are tech mad and the boss is buying the whole management team Surface Pros as he rates them so much!!! I This is some of your marketing blurb: Get Evernote for All Your DevicesEvernote is available for just about every device and platform, including smartphones, computers and on the Web, making it easy to remember everything and access it anytime, anywhere. Phil, please focus on your core business (Evernote available on everything) and don't get distracted with expensive silly wallets and briefcases etc in your 'Market'.
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