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  1. In case anyone faces a similar problem, I contacted Evernote Support team and they gave me a solution. They told me to rename .enml files to .html (not .enex) and the problem was solved. I was able to open my files on the browser and once there clip them in Evernote again.
  2. Hi, jefito. Thank you for your recommendations. I read several of your replies when looking around the forum. Thank you for your your input. Yes, renaming the files won't do it, but your idea of using the editor sounds really smart. I'll give it a try. And also thank you for your recommendation about not moving files, but first copy them. I found at least two .db files within my Evernote folders. They are not shown in the Android "My Files" application that lets you browse your phone and card folders. I am only able to see the .db file when browsing the folders using Windows Explorer in my computer. I want to add that after synchronizing my Evernote app on my tab and putting my external memory card back in, all my notes were gone once more. I synchronized the app, then restarted my phone and the notes were gone. The files are there in folders but Evernote won't read them. So now I'm thinking that my problem (trying to access those original .enml files) is really a secondary issue related to my application trying to read any files (old and recently downloaded). It only downloads files from the cloud, but it doesn't read the ones that are already stored on my phone. I uninstalled Evernote and installed again twice with no luck. I'm just brainstorming and thinking that probably erasing all local files, uninstalling Evernote, reinstall it, and synchronize it will do it. Then perhaps those original files could be also be found and read by Evernote again. I'll look in the forums first to see if someone else had a similar issue. Thanks again!
  3. Hello, everyone! I hope you all are benefiting from Evernote as much as I have been. But perhaps someone could help me with a problem I ran into. My tablet (a Galaxy Tab GT-P1000L) crashed and restarted itself when I was moving Evernote folder from my tablet internal memory to an external expansion card. Once my tablet was on again, I updated Evernote, and found out that most of my data was lost (I'm assuming not because of the update, but because my tablet crashed when moving the files). Fortunately I have most of it backed up, except for two months of information (why I wasn't able to backup two months of notes? that's another story). Looking through the Evernote folder I found a couple of files with .db and .enml extensions that may have what I want. At least when opening the .db file with Notepad (in my laptop) I can see among many unrecognizable characters some fragments of my last notes. This gives me some hope. So you know, my phone didn't open these files. After the update it showed no data, zero notes, instead it started to download the notes from the cloud. I know .enml are Android files so Evernote desktop won't open them either (I tried), Evernote desktop only imports .enex files and Microsoft OneNote notes. So my question: Is there any way I can import or open those files again? If not, is there another software that would let me at least read them? I tried several keywords in the forum and read several posts, but no luck. Some talk about a .enml editor (enml-editor.ping13.net), but you can't edit those files with that editor unless they are accessed by Evernote (which that's the problem I have), and someone even suggested changing the file extensions from .enml to .enex, that won't do it. I would appreciate any ideas and suggestions. Have a good day! JRosas
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