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  1. I have a free account but found the email address you are talking about, and changed it, I hope this solves the problem. Thanks a lot!
  2. Translation: "Today I discovered a great game called Banana Kong. You can download it from Google Play. My current record is 1881 mts. Try to best me!
  3. Hi I found 2 notes, created 2 days ago, with SPAM content. I don't understand where it cames from, I use Evernote in my Windows 8.1 PC and in my KitKat Android Phone I cannot write the note's content because the forum marks this as spam, but it's a note about Banana Kong game. I could not find anyone else with this problem, so not sure if this was a problems with another app, or something else. This guy has a similar problem: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/82073-spam-email-is-appearing-in-my-account/#entry349083 but I'm not getting this messages in my email, so it's not the same problem. Ideas?
  4. Totally agree, I think they tried to copy the iOS7 interface, that is pretty dull too. There's no need to follow Apple eveywhere!!!, in fact Microsoft brought the flat interface but in a much better way, and full of colors.
  5. @Owyn how do I find the database folder for Evernote? 1 minute later.... Found it, Tools->Options-> Open database folder
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