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  1. I don't run Windows at home at all, and would like to turn it off at work if I could. I use various flavours of Linux at home and my wife uses a Mac. We both use iPads also. Evernote would be enormously useful for me and it is what the company has asked us all to use, but I can't really say I like it. As a linux user I would have loved to have a Linux client and that would have gone a long way to get me to love Evernote. I imagined I could use the Web client under Linux, but that doesn't work for me (and many others also) as the web client does not any date format except the US format. That is useless to anyone outside the US. Such narrow mindedness of a company that wants to have a world dominating product is frustrating to say the least. I have left Evernote on the iPad for now, but I am looking for an alternative now.
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