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  1. I click the icon on my desktop to open the program. Yes, you are correct....notebook, not folder. He invited me to view his notebook, I added notes to his notebook and I'm trying to merge my notes (that I added) to his notes in the notebook he shared with me. You are saying this is not possible being two different note "authors" of the notes, right?
  2. Ok, forgive me....probably a dumb question...how do I know what free version I'm using? My boss had me sign up for Evernote Monday & I've been trying to learn it. Also, the notes I'm trying to merge is in HIS (my boss) folder he shared with me. I'm tyring to merge one of his notes with a note I added to his folder. Does this make a difference? I'm using on a windows computer...windows 7
  3. I don't think its a size limitation....I tried 2 other half page notes and didn't get the option still... No....only option it gives me after right clicking is: open, print, save copy, email I'm thinking maybe the free version is limiting this???
  4. I saw the post regarding merging 2 notes into one note that reads: "select multiple notes using Ctrl+click under Windows or Cmd+click under OS X, then select "Merge Notes" from the Edit menu." My "edit" does not give me the option to "merge notes" and does not let me click on the "merge" button under the notes on the right side of the screen. I have a free account....is merging not available for free accounts? I am new to EN so still trying to figure out how to navigate around.
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