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  1. Reference: Evernote v. 4.6.5. I have recently decided to use Evernote as my cross-platform choice for notes. I've used it is in the past but not as a significant part of my work flow. I was annoyed at not being able to install v. 4.6.4 on my workstation (running Windows 8) but was hopeful when 4.6.5 was launched that the bug had been fixed. However, I just got more of the same "the installer has encountered error installing..." error messages. What I really find annoying is being constantly asked whether I want to install the new update. Oh, I would love to, if it just worked. Is there a way to stop the reminder messages regarding new updates? BTW, I echo the sentiments of those regarding the workaround fixes. I started down that trail and then had second thoughts. I am not putting my entire system at risk to try to fix an app bug when 4.6.3 works. Thank you in advance...
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