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  1. Maybe they can change that on the Mac version in the future... Thanks for the help Scott!
  2. Ditto! I'd like to know... I'd love to be able to scan both sides of a business card and be able to add fields that the camera may not pick up... For a REAL example, I received an item that I ordered and there was a business card in there. Now for whatever reason, the person/company decided to put the address on the second side of the business card. So I scanned the front of the business card with my iPhone, there's no address and I can't add it to the existing contact info in the top half of the note (Mac). I'm forced to type the address in the lower Notes section of the business card not
  3. Evernote staff reads these posts, even if they don't always respond. I'm sure they do. Would love to see this in Evernote. Would make things a little more convenient.
  4. Ok. So it may not be a BASIC feature, probably a little more advanced programming-wise, but if you put several images into a note don't you think you should be able to set which image is displayed in window of all notes? We that want this feature just need to let he Evernote devs know what we would like to see in this great app!
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