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  1. After years of waiting as a payed customer, I am getting frustrated. I started to looking for alternative solutions. There is another nice app called Agenda seems do the job nicely.
  2. The reminder workaround doesn't work anymore. There are important notes that I would like pined to the top. Now there is no way to do so. It is a very basic functionality.
  3. If I don't edit anything, evernote is OK. I synced the notes and downloaded the synced pdf file from web interface. The downloaded file is empty. This could mean that the pdf data seems to be inserted and can be viewed properly in the desktop evernote, but the inserted data is actually not recognized by evernote. So I will just do attaching pdf instead of copy and paste. Lei
  4. Thanks for replying. I didn't select anything, but the current page of the pdf indeed showed up in the notes. I cannot use evernote even after restart it. I have to delete the post through the web interface to make my mac evernote work. Maybe my local notes database is broken. I reinstalled evernote and the problem persists. If it works for you. This could be a environment problem.
  5. Evernote consistently stuck when I inserted a pdf page by pasting. The bug can be trigged by the following steps: 1. Open a pdf using mac default pdf viewer: preview 2. Copy using command +c, or click edit->copy 3. Enter evernote, create an empty note, and past using command + v. The copied pdf page will show in the note 4. Use back space to delete the pdf page just pasted. Now evernote will stuck forever. Task manager shows:
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