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  1. While I appreciate your reply, it's missing the point. I know I could develop custom solutions. I know I could use Markdown. Heck, if I wanted, I could just go put everything in GitHub Gists. I could even set up an entire DocBook toolchain, complete with XSLT transformations into all sorts of different formats. But I shouldn't have to. The only thing missing from Evernote is the ability to actually edit notes (in a useable and productive way). They have never put any effort into their editor, and it's glaringly obvious. Edit: Heck, this editor here, on this Web page, provides more functionality than the Evernote editor. I could use Vim. I could use lots of other tools. Of course I'm faster in Vim than in Evernote, but so what? The reason I'm typing in Evernote is to get formatted, WYSIWYG text. There's a time and a place for a standard text editor and there's a time and place for a WYSIWYG editor. I shouldn't have to jump into a totally different environment and set up a workflow of rendering Markdown, for example, and then copying/pasting into Evernote, just to get the basic functionality of being able to style code blocks in a different way.
  2. While I appreciate the workaround, it's exactly that -- a workaround, and not a solution. First, it's not portable, applying only to OS X. Second, it doesn't address everything one might want to do. For instance, for code, I might want to change the font, font size, foreground colour, and background colour (think of Bootstrap, for example. They use a red text colour on a very light pink background for any text put in between <code> </code> tags). This is basic functionality that should be addressed by the software itself. Word (shudder), for example, allows you to define custom styles. I would like to see similar functionality in Evernote.
  3. In my case, anyway, this does not really help. I do a lot of technical documentation in Evernote. Ideally, I want to be able to very rapidly switch from my normal font to a fixed-width, monospace font when entering commands and formatting the output of commands. It is currently extremely cumbersome to do this. A simple "typewriter" button would be fantastic (with a keyboard shortcut, of course), allowing one to switch back and forth between one's default font, and a monospace font.
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