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  1. Hi there, I have hundreds of notes saved over several years. I primarily use the web client and my mobile phone. Today, I logged into the web client and all of my notes are gone. They're not in trash, the entire account is empty. I've not synced my phone yet, so Iuckily I still have my notes there. But I'm terrified of syncing it in case it deletes all my notes from there too. How can I restore my notes?
  2. Thanks! I'm glad this was able to help someone else. Maybe the info here could be added to some kind of pinned help thread (or help page)? This is a really common question around the internet. What's more, the method (for most people) requires a Premium Evernote account. This is the reason I purchased a premium account, and I suspect a lot of other people would purchase one for this reason as well. They should advertise this to sell more accounts. As far as I know, a premium Evernote account is the only possible way to mass-transfer a large number of Gmail-synced iPhone notes to a new phone.
  3. OK, so after figuring out how to get the Gmail-synced notes from my old iPhone into Evernote (http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/37916-getting-my-iphone-notes-into-evernote/), I'm now having trouble getting the non-Gmail-synced notes into Evernote. Here is what I have been trying. First, I used the Samsung Smart Switch utility to copy these notes to my new Galaxy S4. I understand that it is impossible to sync up with Evernote from the iPhone Notes app, so my idea was to get the Notes onto my S4 first - thinking I could perhaps find a way to sync them with Evernote from there. So the Smart Switch utility imports the iPhone Notes and places them into the S-Memo app. This worked. So my new goal is to figure out how to get the notes from S-Memo into Evernote. Now, anyone who has tried this will be aware that it is also a nightmare. Sure, you can export the files as JPGs or PDFs - but that is basically useless because they're no longer just regular, editable notes like any other Evernote note. The other option is to export the S-Memo note as an SNB file, and what it does is actually laughable. It converts the note to an (otherwise unreadable) SNB file, and creates a new Evernote note with that SNB file as an attachment. So you ultimately end up with an unreadable file attached to an Evernote note. What the....? Why can't they simply export the actual note? So my question is... has anyone done this successfully? Has anyone found a workaround to get SNB files properly onto Evernote? And by 'properly' I mean simply importing them as normal notes into Evernote. In other words, the way you'd actually expect the function to work. I must say I'm a little disappointed too. I've spent 3 days researching complicated workarounds for what should be an absolutely basic feature. I love Evernote and use it a lot. But why can't it handle iPhone Notes or Samsung Notes? Think about it - how many people own either an iPhone or Samsung phone? Together, they are the vast majority of the smartphone market. Not to mention the tablet market! Upon becoming a member of Evernote, what is the first, immediate, obvious task anyone would want to do? Get their old notes into Evernote! Yet there is no simple way to do this for iPhone Notes. And there is no simple way to do this for Samsung Notes. No simple way to do such a basic, obvious task that you'd expect people would want to do right away. Not for IPhone or Samsung - the two brands that the vast majority of tablet/smartphone owners have! Why on earth....???
  4. I actually found a way to do this, and it worked! I'll post the solution here, because I'm sure others may be wondering how to do the same thing. It was fairly quick and easy. 1, Get a premium Evernote account, because the instantaneous mass forwarding of the emails will take you over the standard account's limit. I had hundreds of Note emails to forward, and the standard evernote limit is much smaller (50 I believe?). 2, Follow the directions here: http://www.labnol.org/internet/auto-forward-gmail-messages/20665/ It is not too hard - the directions are clear and there is also an accompanying video. It took me about 5-10 minutes from start to finish. 3, When you fill-in the 'Gmail label' section of the sheet, enter 'Notes' (without quotes) as that is the name of the label that the iPhone notes are stored under. 4, Once you finish following those directions, the script will run and all of the emails in your account marked 'Notes' will get sent to Evernote. Possible pitfall If you have any Notes emails with REALLY long subject lines (multiple sentences long) then the script will stop when it reaches them. This is because there is a limit to the number of subject-line characters in emails that can be sent by the script. That's no big deal, though. To deal with it, find and open the offending email in Gmail, then forward it to Evernote manually. Then remove the 'Notes' tag from that email. With the tag gone, the script will no longer try to forward that email anymore. It will continue on as before, forwarding the rest of your emails. You may need to open up the script again (as per the instructions) and hit Save to kickstart it again. That problem only happened to me once, though (and with an email containing an extremely long subject line). So it may not be likely to happen to you. Hope this helps!
  5. Hi there, Like many people, I have made hundreds of notes in the iPhone Notes app over the years. Now I have gotten a new phone (Galaxy S4), and the simple task of transferring my notes has begun. And by 'simple task' I mean 'hellish nightmare'... Samsung offers a Smart Switch tool for copying data from your old phone to the S4, and it works remarkably well. It was able to copy all the content from my old iPhone (pictures, music, voice memos, contacts, SMS etc) EXCEPT the notes. The notes transfer function was only able to copy a few of my notes - the ones that were not synced with Google. As you may know, the iPhone notes app can be synced with Google, and what it does is essentially send you an email to your Gmail account (tagged 'Notes') every time you make a new note. The problem is that the Samsung Smart Switch utility is unable to copy these notes from the iPhone (and 95% of my notes are like that). So... the next step is to figure out how to get the notes out of Gmail and into my new phone. Unfortunately, the iPhone Notes app's syncing method is a very inelegant solution. It sends emails to your Gmail account, but there is no way to sync them *back* with the Notes app. So it is impossible for me to get the Gmail notes back on my iPhone (whence I could then use the Samsung Smart Switch utility on them). OK, so my next idea was to try and get the Gmail-stored Notes into Evernote. I've been a user of Evernote for a long time, and have it on all my devices. The idea is that if I can get all of those Gmail-stored Notes into Evernote, then I can simply access them on my new phone that way. Now the obvious solution is to forward the Notes emails to my Evernote email address. I have tried this with a couple of Notes, and it works! The problem is that I have over 800 notes. Now, in my naiveté I began looking around for the 'Batch forward' or 'Bulk forward' button in Gmail, so that I could simply check the 800 boxes and forward them all at once. Of course, there is no such function in Gmail, leaving all of us in such situations stranded and frustrated. It would naturally be a very tedious job to forward every one of those emails one by one... Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts on this issue? I am presuming it is a common one (and there are certainly people asking similar questions all over the 'Net). Has anyone found a way to successfully batch-forward their Gmail-stored iPhone notes into Evernote? Or has anyone found some other way to get those notes into Evernote? Or hell, a way to get them out of Gmail and into *any* app that I could potentially then transfer them to Evernote from? Thanks a lot for any help you can offer. This forum has some pretty smart people; maybe you will know the solution that nobody else can figure out.
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