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  1. But there's no mention of this feature in any of the public documentation I can find. That makes it apocryphal. I believe it's because it's unreliable. After a few more tests here, it seems that sometimes it works as described, sometimes it doesn't and makes a new note, sometimes the text is appended to the wrong notebook. That makes in inaccurate. It is documented in their email they send out when you first email notes in to Evernote. It seems to work as described for me but may be unreliable in some cases. I have never received such an email. But seeing how unreliable the feature is, I guess it's no wonder, they don't go out of their way to promote it. Edit: I decided to check the validity of the statement of never having received such an email. It turns out, I have. However, this is how it reads in its entirety: No mention of the appending text feature. This is from february 2012. I just upgraded to a premium account a week ago and I got this email. Is it possible to be a premium only feature? (Had an evernote account since 2010 & only just got that email after upgrading.) Or possibly it is a recent premium feature and your account accidentally got missed. hth
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