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  1. I think this is not about delivery delay. I doubt that EN even did't send it, as the reveciver's emali is from Evernote itself (*@m.evernote.com). If I change the email to a non-evenote mail, it works. Thank you
  2. I try to use the share button to send note to another evernote account, and cc to myself(gmail). Actually my gmail received the copy of the note. But not that evernote account. Surely the address was typed correctly. Of course We can copy the Note url and share it to others, I just tend to share by sending email. Anything wrong here? Thank you.
  3. Finally, uninstall the client, install again. Delete all related folders and files. Synchronize all data from server. Fixed!!! Thank you all. Please keep tracking the issue. just in case it happens again.
  4. 19:01:59 [1328] Bootstrap info: request to "app.yinxiang.com" returned profiles: Evernote,Evernote-China 19:01:59 [1328] Bootstrap info: Evernote,Evernote-China (loadedFresh) I don't get it. Obviously what I use is Evernote International server. But request goes to "app.yinxiang.com". Just tried with my account with yinxiang.com, it can't access. Is that possible the Database/****.exb file brokened?
  5. Sorry for not posting screenshots. Here they are. I've already change the language setting(from Chinese to English). First one is from Desktop. Second one is from Web . Last File is today's log file.AppLog_2013-05-16.txt
  6. Thank you for being patient. what I meant is I am using desktop client , and can not do offline search,nothing to do with server. And I've already got the response from support team which is quite efficient ,I just submitted the ticket yesterday. It suggested me uninstall and install the client, though I've already got the latest version of Evernote. (See the pic I posted). But it turned out, this did not work.
  7. I am an Evernote International user. currently in New Zealand. I just use Chinese Version Evernote client, the server is still international. And I suppose I could do some offline search in the client too, even if I am in China, and using yinxiangbiji?
  8. To Wern: Thank you for reply. It's not an issue about Chinese characters. What I tried to search were English phrases. I've already submitted a support request as you suggested.
  9. This is my Evernote version. Whatever I input in the search box, it just tells me no result which is quite frustrating. Except using "updated:" or "created:". And this issue just came out from nowhere, I mean, before that happened, all functions worked well.
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