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  1. Thank you Gazumped for your insight. I'm happy to know that my data isn't ending up in the info ether.
  2. I read that one goes to the Tools/Option section to disable "Context" on a PC desktop. I could not find the "Context" disabling option in this path on my desktop computer. Am I looking in the right place? I am on a business account with someone else and I do not own the account. I was concerned that my private information would be shared with the other people using the business account. Does the sharing only apply to notes set up under the "Business" notebook section or are my "Personal" notebook notes also being shared?
  3. Version 5.01 reads Right click a notebook -> Properties -> Make this my default notebook You are not the first who is attempting to advise how to set a default notebook. However, please note that this only works for sync-ed notebooks. It does not work for local notebooks. Although I am sure it used to, as that is how I originally set it up. You may not have any local notebooks set up. I suggest you set one up, then right click, and you will see that the "default" choice is not offered. At least not on the Mac version. Hi Jasimon9: You bring up two good points. First, at the present time I don't have any local notebooks. I used to, but I reduced my total number of notebooks to get back under the 250 notebook limit. I wanted to make sure that if anything happened to my laptop, I would have access to all my notes online. Second, I keep forgetting that some folks may be using something other than a PC based computer. So, the difference in terminology as to how one designates a default notebook could be the result of Jackolicious having given instructions for use in a Mac environment. His 'Notebook settings' instruction doesn't even show up as an option on my computer. Thanks for pointing this out to me. I will try to be more careful when something doesn't necessarily fit my circumstances. Regards, CB4now
  4. Version 5.01 reads Right click a notebook -> Properties -> Make this my default notebook
  5. My desktop version was having problems syncing. I finally uninstalled the product and installed the latest version. Now I notice that when I make a notebook the 'default notebook' it no longer puts a mark to the left of the notebook to indicate that this is the 'default notebook'. I'm pretty sure this was the case in the previous version I was using. It would be nice if they started marking the 'default notebook' again. If they decide not to, then have they provided an easy method of determining which notebook is the 'default notebook' (obviously, outside of actually entering a note and seeing where it lands)?
  6. Bottom right, click on quote. Regards Chris Much appreciated Chris. Thank you! CB4now
  7. If someone wants to explain to me how to easily respond to a specific comment made by someone else without having to describe the person by number, please feel free to comment. I see other people have copied the particular note to which they are making reference. I don't know how to do this. Thanks.
  8. I'm responding to number 4 above. Thanks a lot for the solution. I was having the same problem renaming a notebook. In the past, it struck me that, after making a name change, one could save the name change by simply clicking on a different portion of the screen. However, I recently upgraded to version 5.01 and maybe this was one of the changes made by Evernote.
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