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  1. I noticed subtle changes in colors and opacity after I got the Evernote 7.6 for Mac even when using the light mode. For instance, the sidebar is now translucent and thus appears less dark than before. Also, other colors in the app seem less dark than before. I really liked it the way before so would appreciate if we could at least get an option to use the earlier more contrasting colors when in light mode.
  2. A combination of steps from Fix 1 and Fix 2 worked for me for installing Evernote Public, thanks. I'm stating that combination so that others can do it too. 1. Go to folder : C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote 2. Execute the following command line in admin mode : regsvr32.exe /u EvernoteOL.dll 3. Uninstall Evernote 4. Install Evernote 4.6.5 (or whichever is the latest public version, when you are reading this) using setup downloaded from Evernote 5. Install only for the current user (although, I did not try installing for all users, and can't tell whether that will cause any problem) By the way, I've noticed this problem since Evernote 4.6.4. Since then, 4.6.5 Prerelease and Public have been released but the fix wasn't included in any of them.
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