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  1. Completely agree! Yeah, works as expected on iPhone too. Seems to be the desktop clients that are messed up.
  2. Yeah, I've just noticed this too in Chrome. Hope someone at Evernote sees this and fixes it. Turning the Web Clipper off for the time being.
  3. Right. I'm not looking for documentation. Just an improvement
  4. That's what I expect too. As I said, when I do a "Most relevant to least relevant" search, I expect the most relevant note to appear at the top. And the most relevant note is most likely a note with that word in the title. I know you can do an intitle search but a) it shouldn't be necessary when you do a relevancy search and b) it's clunky and inconvenient.
  5. I agree - the search results can be pretty terrible. One of the biggest problems is that it doesn't prioritise the matching of words in the title of a note. For example, I have a note with the title "TV". When I do a "Most relevant to least relevant" search, I expect that note to be right at the top seeing as it's the only one with "TV" in the title. Instead, I get a bunch of irrelevant notes with the word "TV" somewhere in the body. I hear that the new CEO is going to fix a bunch of issues in Evernote. Please make this one of them. It's absolutely fundamental.
  6. I don't think anyone from Evernote has mentioned any technical reasons for not doing this have they? Assigning a UID should not be that much of a problem - even if there are asynchronous issues. It's more of a UX decision - and I think it's a bad one. If the guest has access to add, delete and edit notes then why not tags too? Doesn't make sense.
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