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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with the "proceed with caution". I had/have an expectation of Evernote Business being essentially an Intranet website - a place where I put fairly static (infrequently changed) documents for different groups of employees, or all employees, to access. On the whole documents may be read fairly often and new ones added to the library notebooks, but the content of the documents are not changed very often by very many folks. I've been a long time happy user of Evernote but notebook sharing and administration in Evernote Business is NOT ready for prime time. I have written a long post http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/37923-administration-of-notebook-sharing-must-haves/ on the "must haves" to make it usable. As of yet I have seen no replies. I am pretty sure the lack of replies is because these features are not supported and there is no plan at the moment to improve sharing. I spent a lot of time and forum searching trying to divine workarounds with no success. (Except for notebook renaming - that workaround is to create a new notebook with the new/correct name and unpublish-and-delete the old one with the old/wrong name - after moving all the notes from the old to the new and then publish the new one, issues invites. All just so the administrator can rename a published notebook). I had been REALLY committed to Evernote Business but I'm starting to waver and question whether I will sink any more time into using this. I use another product for "real-time sharing" and I may need to use it as the Evernote substitute, which would be too bad. Bottom line - Control and administration of notebook sharing in Evernote Business needs some significant improvements to be usable.
  2. Of course - creating a new notebook (with the correct name) and publishing IT works. Then I just unpublished... and deleted the old one (after moving all the notes over).
  3. The Unsharing, changing the name and resharing work around does not work for me. When I go to share the notebook it shows only the original name. Unfortunately I used a very generic name when I first created this notebook (Forms) -- and I now seem to be stuck with that name.
  4. I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere, but I have been searching for answers for a couple months now and am pretty frustrated with the lack of visibility into and control of shared notebooks in Evernote Business from an Administration standpoint. These things are "must haves" in my opinion as the Administrator (and CEO) of my company's Evernote Business account. 1) Easily be able to tell who has access to a Notebook From the Admin Console I can only see how many members "7" and not which members nor what their permissions are. I need to be able to review "Sally shouldn't have edit access to Notebook Y" and "Fred should have access to Notebook Z but doesn't". All down the list. At *least* for Notebooks published to the Business Library. 2) Of course then be able to easily change those permissions as I have noted. 3) Please make the "Share Notebook" dialog box more intuitive and user friendly. I struggle with the fact that "invite" on a published notebook essentially means 'let the person know that the notebook is there' (because they already have access as soon as you publish) while "invite" on a non-published notebook means 'give the person access'. I think? Although - yes I guess I can choose between "view only" and "edit" on either invite. It is really hard to remember this. I've published notebooks thinking only the folks I invited actually have access, which is not true (I think). Also - the TINY Share Notebook dialog box only shows 3 users at a time (web app shows 4). Imagine I have 20 people sharing and I'm trying to add the 21st and figure out if they are already in the list (scroll, scroll, scroll,...) or not. Or just trying to determine if someone is missing, etc. Argh! I only have 7 people in the company and I'm already completely lost trying to determine who has or doesn't have access to what. 4) Please support aliases/groups Some of these problems would be eased if I could create a group or alias and then I could share a notebook with "the management team" or with "project X team" etc. "All" would be a magnificent alias! Now sharing versus publishing gets to be confusing because it seems publish == all. If I want "less than all" folks in the company to have access (20 out of 21) then I have to use one-by-one sharing instead of publishing. Then we're back to wanting an alias/group mechanism and something other than a dialog box so I can easily manage who has what permissions. I think this whole publish vs. share needs to be better thought out. Or maybe it has been and I just don't get it. 5) A couple of non-Administrator issues in then same vein -- I use the Windows desktop application mostly (95% of the time) since the refresh speed of the web app is WAY too slow. I'm okay with the slowness (nice-to-have not must-have), but then on the desktop application I need to be able to see, in the left/navigation pane, which notebooks are private, shared, or published. But they all look the same. This IS supported for Personal notebooks but not Business notebooks. I frequently find myself staring at a bunch of Business notebooks and wondering "did I share all of these with Tim and Fred or did I forget one?". To answer such a question I'd have to go into that horrible Share Notebook dialog and access through the list. For one notebook and then the next and then the next and... The reason "we all love Evernote" is because it makes it easy (1-2 clicks or actions at most) to save any and all reference materials -- whether it is a scanned image, a word doc, an annotated picture, watched folder, forwarded email, etc. PLEASE PLEASE make comprehensive management of the SHARING of Business Notebooks similarly easy!!! 6) Lastly, I wholeheartedly agree with other postings, http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34123-anyone-know-how-to-rename-a-business-notebook-for-everyone/, that the Administrator really needs to be able to control the NAME of a Notebook in the library. Unpublishing the notebook, then changing the name, then republishing is not a reasonable option. And users should not be ale to change the name without requesting a name change (from the administrator). If any of these things are currently supported -- please let me know!!!
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