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  1. Reproducible bug in Mac 6.0.1 running under OS 10.9.5: 1. Create or select any note. 2. Press command-P to print. 3. Press ESC to cancel the print request. 4. The contents of the note's title field have been removed.
  2. Since my recent upgrade to Mac 5.7 (specifically 5.7.2), it appears that whenever I print a note, the note title and note borders always print (even if "Print headers" is unchecked). Is this a bug, or a deliberate change in functionality? It breaks my workflow, as I normally print notes expecting only to see the content of the note, and no borders or metadata.
  3. I reverted my Evernote to the version mentioned by BitQwik ("make sure you are running at least version X") and it works fine now. I found the old Evernote version at filehippo.com.
  4. I'm running Evernote (current) and just downloaded BitQwik (current). It won't connect to Evernote. I get this error: "Login failed with an OLE Exception with the error code(8000FFFF) and message: Catastrophic failure. Correct Evernote DLL in use?" Any ideas? (Do I have to try to revert to an earlier Evernote version?) I'm running on a Windows XP virtual machine under VMware Fusion on Mac OS X.
  5. I have a parent/child tag hierarchy like this: Parent 1 - Child 1A - Child 1B - Child 1C - ... Child 1Z Parent 2 - Child 2A - Child 2B - Child 2C - ... Child 2Z etc. Is there syntax to search for notes that are not tagged with any child of Parent 1? (That is: notes that do NOT contain Child 1A, Child 1B ... or Child 1Z...)
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