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  1. aalexandera at google mail And yes, it crashes before displaying any form. (in email conversations I reply much quicker )
  2. I could test it. Moreover, I have installed MS Visual Studio, so I can provide you more test information, like this: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s27/sh/4bd4ef9c-7596-4e27-a7b3-4578a9697aa8/cd835df81d8c11000901e12ac81c35c7
  3. sindizzy, I've tried all versions on my Windows 7 x64 - they all have this Error on launching.
  4. The same Problem just now. I've sent an email to add@getpocket.com and now it hangs. Windows 8, last version of Evernote. And there is still nothing in getpocket.
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