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  1. I had been an evernote Premium User for years, and then on Sunday upgraded to Business. I wish I had read your post first. The upgrade process resulted in the loss of one of my notebooks, a very valuable set of business data. four days later, I still have not been able to get support to provide any sort of meaningful solution, and they have also refused to give me a refund or help me export my notes. I'm so disappointed at the terrible response i have gotten from the business support team.
  2. Dear Evernote, Its been real. We've had our ups and downs. I remember when I introduced you to my mom in 2011, and then my now wife shortly afterwards. I brought you into my family. There were growing pains while we learned to work together. You lost my files a couple times, your syncing was perpetually buggy, and you started to put too much makeup on instead of focusing on your core strengths. But we still stuck it out, and were able to get through it. Believe me, there were times where I looked at other softwares longingly, but I thought of the commitment and deep bonds that I thought you and I shared. I bought all your books. I shopped in the Marketplace. I know who Bretty Kelly and Daniel Gold are, and a host of other people who have made a living touting your name. But I'm sorry to say, that I can't go on living like this. I thought we were ready to take it to the next level today. In fact, I committed whole-heartedly. I upgraded to Business from Premium. I brought my employees on board. And how do you treat me? You lose my notebooks when I "convert to business", resulting in many more dollars in loss than I paid for the business subscription, and then ignore my supplicating emails for help. It only took a day to see the real you, a bloated, grown-too-fast company that used to spark such hope in my soul. I now realize I should never have believed your silver tongue about making my business life effortless. And now I have paid the price. Don't get me wrong, I'll always remember the good times we had together, but I need to move on. Maybe we can make it work someday. With (formerly) all of my love, Lost and alone P.S. Does anybody know how to help me get my 1900 evernote notes and their attachments into Google Apps?
  3. Hey everybody, As far as I can tell, the web clipper still still lacks the smooth complete keyboard / tab through functionality of the old version. But I'd like to throw my workflow out there to make sure I'm not just missing a step. My goal is to be able to clip completely from start to finish, including selecting notebook, editing subject, and tagging. However, its still clunky, and I still can't get all the way through without a mouse click. Oh, and by the way, this flow is now resulting, after one or two clips, in the "can not parse" error in gmail, and I have to close chrome and restart to get it working again. For my specific purposes in the case, I'm clipping a note to gmail that I want to edit the subject of the note, select the notebook, add three tags, and then save. 1) Custom clipper shortcut control - n to activate clipper 2) There is no way that I can tell to edit the subject right away, so I have to use shift - TAB to tab back to the subject. Edit subject. 3) TAB to notebook - edit notebook 4) TAB to tags - edit tags. I have to type the tag, use the DOWN key, then hit enter for every tag. That extra down key really disrupts the flow of this process. 5) Mouse click to save - no way to save with keyboard shortcut that I can tell once I've gotten through these steps. Input / feedback appreciated. Keyboard workflows are key for me. Cheers
  4. I also can name many gmail add ons that work with only a 24 hr hiccup when Google makes a change. Evernote apparently can't handle it. They should be able to adapt quickly or drop the feature. As mother said if you can't stand the heat get the hell out of the way. TampaKev, You're absolutely right. I don't recommend my business clients head to Evernote for Business specifically for these reasons (I run a KM and productivity consulting practice). Also, the vast majority of people are free users, and my philosophy on anything free is that you have no right to complain if it don't work. But I am a premium user, I pay for the service, and I do expect it to work properly. Evernote must have hired Jody Ives as their new designer, because nearly all product rollouts have been UI and experience based, vs substantive performance improvements. This started with the Evernote 5 rollout for Mac that (nearly) killed my Secret Weapon workflow. The iPad version for IOS 7 is the same way. Both products look better, but have actually gotten harder to use. When Apple rolled out IOS7, there was next to no real improvement beyond a basic quick access bar with some basic functions. Android had had that forever already. All they really did was change the icons and the way you scroll through screens and in the same vein all Evernote has really done is to overlay prettier interfaces and more buttons over their original product. Clipping from gmail was nice, but because the core number of steps it took me to do it was WAY longer than forwarding, it was actually a step backwards. The end result is that the core functionality of Evernote (save stuff quickly for later) and tagging (proper indexing) have both gotten harder. I'm all for improving the UI - nothing wrong with an improved visual experience. However, Evernote continues to do it at the expensive of their core functionality, and that often results in alienation of their hardcore userbase. I hope the next few iterations of their products focus on functionality vs image, because if not, for the first time in many moons, I very well may question my unwavering dedication to the product (although, to be fair, thats highly unlikely).
  5. Also, Gmail scripting is notoriously uncertain to work with. Any Remember the Milk user knows this as well with the Gmail integration fitfully starting and stopping. When you have a user base the size of Google's, you can pretty much do anything you want. Like arbitrarily change the way your UI interacts with other things. Then the 3rd party vendors are scrambling to react. But for those advocating for Gmail control laws, you can pry my Gmail account (and my Evernote account) away from my cold, dead hands .
  6. Also not working for me. I have been a vocal critic of the new clipper simply because I lost the ability to tab through all of my options and do advanced clip tagging and selection from my keyboard. The new clipper took that away from me. Even though I do admire the concept, it definitely became more clunky. The new iPad app also had a decrease in productivity speed. But that being said, this is like when the power goes out and you have to get out candles and flashlights and then get all nostalgic. Then you say things like "remember when the Evernote Web Clipper couldn't clip to Gmail and you ALWAYS had to forward to your Evernote email? Jbignert, can I have the old one back while you work on the new one please?
  7. @jbignert: I have reviewed all of the keyboard options, and can't make it from start to finish in any clip without at least two mouseclicks. For example, I have a keyboard shortcut to open the clipper. However, can't edit the title (that I can tell anyways) using a keyboard shortcut. Must click. Then, looking to edit tags, ok, fine - 50% of the time if I'm lucky, the t key will get me to the tag window. Except now enter, which is the keyboard shortcut for save, actually selects whatever tag I'm in. Therefore, I'm unable to complete the process. For purposes of this example I didn't bother get into the notebook selection, etc. I'm all about innovation, and I applaud (as always) Evernote's efforts. But this is the second MAJOR release, at least on the Mac side, of a product which has taken a step backwards. Evernote 5.0 lost the ability to have nice tag structures and to drag them to my notes, thus nearly killing my GTD efforts (but as always, workarounds exist). And now, the clipper has removed my ability to quickly clip, tab from option to option, and then hit enter to save, thereby significant slowing the workflow. The beauty of Evernote was never its, well, beauty . It was the power of indexing and tagging, and the speed at which it could do both of those with a few well-placed keyboard shortcuts. If the focus continues to be on aesthetics and new features, while shutting out what made it great, that to me represents a philosophy shift in the wrong direction. But I suppose that's also what makes me love Evernote - they try and keep trying. Just try to get my functionality back and I'll be happy .
  8. I agree with the general sentiment "looks awesome but missing lots." I now seem to have lost the ability to tab through my options. I used to be able to clip using entirely keyboard shortcuts and then tabbing through my selections, all the way to saving and moving on to the next clip. Now I have to use the mouse. Definitely slows the process down from what it was, therefore SIGNIFICANTLY lessening the attraction.
  9. And there was much rejoicing. Was able to clip full email, with attachment and addresses. Using OS X Lion Chrome Version 27.0.1453.116 Worked like a charm. Also, I liked the formatting better than forwarding it to my email address. Its updates like this that make me happy! Now if I could only select which notebooks to download to my computer... but I digress . I wonder if this puts a big dent in Powerbot's business?
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