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  1. Yes please. Allow change of the highlight colour like Microsoft office. I setup the colour to be hot pink, as it pops out, as not much of my content is that colour.
  2. I will note, that i used to routinely be able to "Ctrl + A" > right click > Simplify Formatting... which would fix these little quirks. Also, recent update has caused various slow downs, hangs, etc.
  3. Something has definitely happened with a recent update. I use Ctrl + Shift + - to create lines. I often do that key combo twice, to get to close lines, stacked above each other... now they have a space between them and i cant remove it, without the line disappearing. Agree with those around EN being a pain to be productive with in terms of weird development quirks and formatting issues when pasting between Microsoft office products - My premium account expired, i think its time to re-look at OneNote w/ OneDrive syncing between devices.
  4. +1 Not having hotkeys and not having it save views per notebook means clicking that button a LOT. Even just allow it to be changed via keyboard only so i can autohotkey it. Pretty pleasey bring this in.
  5. Nice work, like the user switching. Myself and friends are obsessed with AHK! I use it heavily with mostly text replacement, shortcuts and power searching. Like you "google search highlighted text" i use the same but for searching twitter, IMDB, downloading sites and server (void software, everything.exe) The one thing i have been trying to do though is, "search Evernote with highlighted text" - Have you figured that one out? That would literally make my month.
  6. Spose we could get AHK to pick up the Ctrl + Alt + N, pass another key combo EN (change the default combo required for new note) then AHK would change focus to that new note?... that would achieve the same thing i think.
  7. I have this issue on one windows W764 PC that I use. Irritating!! Its always done this i think.
  8. HA! Legend!! I have the exact same issue and this works. Thank god, i have so many recordings made recently i need to use Windows 64 Ultimate evernote public Im assuming they know about this and are working on, but this is a total work around
  9. 2013-06-06 - paying customer, still an issue. This needs to be raised up the priority list. It means i don't / cant use EN as my scratch pad to past into other applications. Im back to using OneNote... Come on guys, please.
  10. Hi, Suggestion: I want the ability to search upon a whole webpage / link that posted in a note. I don't want tonnes of whole notes that are just sites. There i am, editing a note when i want to reference some material in a web link. I add the link and EN index's text from it such that if i search for a string, it returns material from the web link. Too much overhead? Maybe.
  11. Yah, probably a sketching connection, still They may have been ( still are?) a small start up, though at last check, were valued at 1B, and have 1.4M paying customers. As i hinted, i don't think they are being lazy, i would imagine they are trying to keep the whole green and silver thing going on. Anywho.
  12. Hey Grumpy, Thanks kindly for your reply. Its actually the powerfull saved queries and tags that made me go nuts with "collections" of named notebooks. Its the tags and search's that woo'd me and had me purchase. What with the "watched" folders and OCR'ing, iv bought a ScanSnap 1300 (which id been looking at for a few years tbh) to go paperless. Regardless, colors would be a a seemingly small change for a large visual benefit. Branding being the issue they want to avoid I think is silly. EverNote is easily best of class, i sell it to anyone that will listen. What with Google setting their sights on the area, i don't want to see EN loose ground and get swallowed by another product due to resting on laurels and making potentially product limiting decisions, ala Nokia, RIM etc. Iv spent many hours researching "poweruser use" of the tool before setting up but thank you kindly again for your links, will check.
  13. Messed with EN and gDocs for a while. Finally moved over to EN as OneNote for Android sucks. Colored Notebooks!!!! Come on. Its the same with Microsoft Outlook. We are visual beings. EN search is powerful as, so i have made 100's of notebook with notes in each but scanning my sidebar for the right one is time sapping. Having a cool green and silver thing going on it fine but really. I payed for and use EN as its the "least bad" tool. Pleeeeeeeeeeease make these changes. Dont get me started on search's not returning Notebook titles. These forums are huge, how haven't these things been implemented.
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