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  1. Evernote do a lot of new versions, ok with that but the update popup is far too intrusive ! Please implement silent update like Chrome, Firefox, Windows or every software that have a new version every few weeks... I don't want to watch the forum to check if a particular update is what I want when the software prompt me about a new version ! Are you doing this for another piece of software on you computer ?!??? I have hundreds of software on my computer, and Evernote is the only one which prompt me every few weeks to update !!! Hopefully my others softwares don't act like Evernote otherwise it would be a nightmare...
  2. Same problem here. I have 4 computers so every 4/5 days I have an update notification which is far too often (and too intrusive) for me. "Tools > Options > Update to pre-release" is unchecked and I am seriously thinking to opt out all updates. I suggest you should think about silent updates mechanism like Chrome or Firefox for example.
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