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  1. I have an iPad mini and a Bamboo stylus. I just noticed this problem today. Very annoying. As thejeremycarson noted, the problem seems to occur most frequently when writing o or a within a small area. I have had trouble with Penultimate before erasing my notes, so this is making me rethink this app again. A comment from Evernote would be appreciated.
  2. You can back-up to Dropbox, but it seems like Penultimate starts losing notes when it syncs with Evernote. Therefore, maybe you have to delink it from Evernote and then just back up to Dropbox. That seems silly since one of the main points of the software is Evernote integration.
  3. I just lost another note. This time it was just the first page of my most recent notebook. What is going on?
  4. Barlotti: Where did you create a "support case" for this issue? I'll try that as well.
  5. I lost my recently updated notes after I was prompted to sign-in to Evernote. I actually saw my notebook disappear as it signed in! How can I get it back? How can I ever trust this software again?
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