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  1. cool, looking forward for this feature please let me know when you finish
  2. i have an image app that will support you rotate image in my Android, pretty convenient. everyting need to be compatibel in order to be usable in image roatation.
  3. right, we need to display the right size on the screeen, no matter by cropping or resizng image. .net image resizer have a fun day
  4. thanks Juapebe glad to read your post. i am haviing trouble in editing and annotating pdf with Skitch as well. i like Skitch as well and hope to make better use of it.
  5. me too. i i can either use a tiff converter tool to convert tiff to jpg or use an image program such as photoshop to save to the format i want.
  6. what do you mean? do you know how to stop it, not creating it?
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