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  1. Agreed, a PIN on the desktop app would be great. I don't want to have to lock my workstation all the time, especially at home where others want to use the computer. Just need a PIN to get into the desktop app once it's minimized in the task tray and you open it back up.
  2. Thanks for the reply BurgersNFries. Maybe it would become a priority if it was a small amount of extra money... I'd pay an extra $5/yr to be able to mark a notebook as encrypted. It's OK if that encrypted data is not indexed... It can be made understood to users that anything in the encrypted notebooks will not show up in search results. I would sit down and: 1. Tally up the number of Evernote premium subscribers. 2. Conservatively estimate the amount of development time, as well as time for updating help documentation, entering the extra password in the mobile apps, etc. 3. Run the numbers at 10% of Evernote Premium users paying the fee for "Evernote High Security Notebooks". 4. Also factor in the number of users who might be on the fence about paying for Evernote who will be pushed over the edge by this new feature. I realize this is hard to calculate but I'm sure the number is greater than zero Actually, I know it's at least one from Jpetroski's post above! These are brand new paying customers, this number can add up quickly. I realize that you are an evangelist but to change priorities you have to show the business value. Maybe it's not there? Maybe they don't want to charge any "add-ons" to keep the pricing simple, in that case they need to put some serious effort into estimating #4 above. At the end of the day, this feature will come to Evernote. The question is, when will it come and how much money is it costing Evernote to not have this feature?
  3. Yeah... leaving the desktop app open is just way too dangerous.... I don't see why this would be so hard to make? I actually upgraded to premium before I realized I couldn't encrypt notebooks... (oops It's still cool software but without being able to store sensitive information, it really isn't that useful as a one-stop place for all of my notes.
  4. I'm OK with my notebook being gone if I forget my encryption key... that is fine I need the ability to fully encrypt notebooks as well.... I realize you can encrypt pieces of individual notes but that's just not user-friendly enough. This is a major dilemma for me in being able to migrate to Evernote... Also, I feel like the desktop client should be able to have a timeout where you are required to enter a PIN to get back in, just like the iPhone and iPad apps. It's a great feature.
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