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  1. I totally agree. Evernote needs to be allow users to be able to set the phone size. Right now it is totally illegiable looking at the list of notes...until I've been up for a few hours. So I wake up in the middle of the night and go to look for a note and it's just really hard to read and can't do anything to change the font size... I'm using an iphone 5. Just makes me want to go back to other apps where I can change the font size easily...instead of Evernote!!! My request is above in case you missed it. IF you can't read the above in the forum...then I guess you should use a magnifier. It's just a bit small, but I can read that because of the nice sharp contrast between black and white on my computer screen. Of course, that would tend to glare at you if you're on a bright mobile device, so I understand why people might want to use gray's. Make a great day!
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