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  1. Over time, the Mac desktop version of Evernote has become more and more obtuse and dysfunctional.

    Why can't I just right-click the notebook and change the name?  I mean, the Notebook Settings option is right there and greyed out for some reason!

    Stuff like this is causing me to use Evernote less and less - I found myself taking whole notes out of Evernote the other day and putting them in Workflowy just to make things easier for myself.  I've been a Premium subscriber for almost four years and now I'm seriously looking at other tools all the time.

  2. I just had a very similar problem.

    I created a notebook and a note offline. Entered two hours worth of notes.

    My iPad mini got a wifi connection, I logged into Evernote and *POOF* the new notebook and new note are both gone. Everything else is there.

    Terrible situation with Evernote - I have no confidence in the product offline now, which makes it pretty much worthless.

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