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  1. 5 posts on this topic without contributing value. To add insult to injury, you added rude comments like "As I said earlier" and "As I said before." Either you didn't say it before, or your audience didn't remember. So the qualification that you said it before wasted everyone's time. If you don't know anything about an issue, refrain from posting. Prolix and inaccurate supposition ending with "I could be wrong" would have been better spent reflecting on the aphorism "Silence is golden."
  2. Fail. Your method failed for me using Windows 8, Chrome Beta. Had the same problem with Evernote on Google Chrome under Windows 7 - "Could not load VLC Web Plugin". I just right-clicked on the grey area where audio file supposed to be and selected "Hide this plugin". Restarted Chrome and problem gone - all audio notes now playing with QuickTime plugin. Just make sure you have QuickTime palyer installed. http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/
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