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  1. I'm on this issue too....I tried to delete the note that locks evernot on the source notebook but anything changed. It's just lock because I don't have permission to DO something on one note. 0% Updating server note "xxxxxxxxxxx", resource count: 0 0% * guid={360d0501-906c-49be-abd3-25e80ab09947} 0% EDAMUserException: errorCode=PERMISSION_DENIED parameter="authenticationToken" Moreover, I thought to unlink the shared notebook and back, BUT I will risk to loose the notes I added after the "locking note" because those are currently not uploaded on the account and are not synced. I thought also to sort notes by user BUT in the shared notebook from my side it's not shown the note owner!.... I can't find a solution. It's more than a month that I am facing the problem...
  2. Same problem. I actually use Win7, an ASUS mouse on a 15.6 laptop. My mouse work perfectly in every other application: it's just a problem on Evernote. It seems to be a minor issue, but when you're reading notes, it's really difficult to scroll the text without missing some phrases.... Thanks
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