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    I agree—it was weird to me that the note's contents would be in focus first.


    Workaround #1


    I found that pressing <F2> moves your cursor to the title field.


    Workaround #2


    Personally, I run AutoHotkey (free download). I added the following to my script so that Ctrl+N would not only create a new note, but press <F2> automatically as well.


    #IfWinActive, ahk_class ENMainFrame    ^n::        SendInput ^n        Sleep 100        SendInput {F2}        Return#IfWinActive

    If it's not working, try increasing the 100. That's the number of milliseconds to wait between Ctrl+N and <F2>—you may have to wait longer than I do if you're running a slower PC.


    Hope this helps someone.



    Your tips might be useful for someone using a PC, but this topic is specific for the android platform...

    BTW, when we use the android EN widget for adding a new "reminder", it does default to the title, unlike the "new note" behaviour.

    I use the widget a lot, especially the voice-to-text shortcut for quick notes on-the-go, but it behaves like the "new note", placing the cursor in the body of the note. It would be awesome if this could also default to the title, just like the "new reminder" does.

    My opinion is that this should be a configurable feature in EN settings.

    Moreover, a shortcut directly to a "new voice-to-text reminder" (bypassing the step of tapping the little mic on the keyboard) would be a killer feature for many, including me!

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