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  1. One year later, there are now companies with 25x the valuation of evernote accepting bitcoin. Integrating Bitcoin payments seems to be extremely easy, generates free publicity, and is great for new user acquisition.
  2. The web version has been upgraded to a tolerable level recently, so I don't feel it is quite so important to have a desktop client for linux anymore. It would still be nice.
  3. Bitcoin support is the #3 most requested dropbox feature. Perhaps evernote should run a poll like this to gauge interest. https://www.dropbox.com/votebox/all#votebox:popular:0
  4. Evernote is not a small company anymore. The Ubuntu phone video has an evernote icon on the desktop, so at least release a client by the time the Ubuntu phone is released this fall.
  5. Evernote should at least ask Bitpay how easy it would be. If it is very easy, it's just free extra revenue and press.
  6. Evernote should accept bitcoin for the same reasons WordPress did: Paypal blocks over 60 countries, and only a small number of the world's population has access to credit cards. Evernote can expand their potential customer base by quite a lot by accepting bitcoin. There is no reason that someone in Kenya or Haiti should be prevented from buying Evernote services. Wordpress is totally unaffected by the exchange rate of bitcoin, because their payment processor BitPay instantly converts it into dollars. Here is their blog entry about why they decided to accept it: http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/pay-another-way-bitcoin/
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