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  1. Thanks for the reply. I tried annotating with adobe and it does the same thing. I can see the annotation boxes but cannot see the things I wrote inside them. Yes, once I annotate the pdf, and put into Evernote, I'm able to open the pdf from Evernote in another program (like previewand view the annotations on that program, just not on the Evernote itself.
  2. Thanks for the reply Jackolicious. I didn't try annotating with Skitch. My issue is that I annotate w/ Preview, then drag and drop the annotated pdfs into Evernote. I could see the pdf file but in those annotated pages (have yellow note/comment boxes) I cannot see what I annotated, cannot click on it to see it like I normally can on a pdf reader. I guess my question is if you can view annotation pages (that was annotated from Preview/other pdf reader) directly in Evernote.
  3. Hello. I have preview that I annotate pdfs with. When I put them into evernote, I cannot view the annotated notes. I can just see the yellow note box (or comment box) but cannot click on it or view my annotations. Any solution? Thanks.
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