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  1. running evernote in Mac OS X 10.8.3 My Evernote library is backed up regularly both locally and through a cloud service. I backup via the "Export Note..." function so my backup consists of an .enex file of my Evernote library and I also have all attachments saved to a backed up directory. This all happened because I had all my notes selected, had just completed a local backup, and then my daughter who insisted on being on my lap hit the keyboard with all notes selected and moved them to one of my notebooks. Evernote had synced to the server by the time I realized her hitting the keyboard had moved files. Unfortunately I learned that the backed up .enex file only seems to store tags and not the assigned notebook. When I imported my backed up .enex file all the notes went into a new imported notebook and previous notebook assignments where lost. As I understand right now either: (1) the .enex file does not have the notebooks encoded in it; this seems to be the case as viewing the file in a text editor I'm not seeing anything that is obviously a notebook assignemnt, and (2) I was stupid to not realize that exporting all notes as a single .enex did not capture notebook assignments. And yes, this will be the last time I let my daughters sit on my lap while I'm working, even if they are crying... Any suggestions welcomed...
  2. Does anyone know how to restore the notebook that a note was assigned to? I have a 1.5yr old daughter who somehow managed to put all of my notes into a single notebook. I have 1000s of notes that were across many notebooks and I've lost all this. I'm trying to figure out how to restore my previous notebooks. Unfortunately the computer that I was using synced to the Endnote servers before I realized what had happened. I'm hoping there is a way to restore a previous version of my entire Evernote library. Any thoughts? Thank you
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