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  1. Totally agree with the red herring statement, it's distracting. Wrt privacy, see "why privacy matters", i also think we're reasoning upside down here, basic principle needs to be, all encrypted, default. We need to move from postcard thinking, where everyone can read, to correspondence in an envelope, not able (not allowed) to be read by all, along the way. Give Pocket a try. It's a great cross-platform tool for web reading - I used to use Evernote for that purpose, but ultimately found it pretty clunky. Pocket is really focused and fast at what it does. I too am seeing less value from Evernote and may let my account downgrade - I simply don't get the value from it that I used to as I've moved more of my data to 1password. And I used to be a HARDCORE Evernote evangelist! Thanks for the very useful suggestions.
  2. I'm not sure there are two sides, encrypting everything should be relatively simple, we did it ourselves for a cloud based platform we use, which has consequently switched to encrypting everything for all their customers all the time, we tend to over complicate things too much. Why should anyone/thing be able to see any of your data ever, confidential or not?
  3. Good progress and even better discussion since the response from Rich Tener. Thanks for this! Way to go, users talk to developers and vice versa. As stated before, all should be encrypted, period, and it will be at some point in time, whatever tool we are using some time from now will have EVERYTHING encrypted, ALL the time, that's one. Now the question is what and by when will provide this functionality, personally i don't think it is a matter of prioritizing requirements, rather it should be perceived as a basic need. Ask yourself why you would want to post any un-encrypted data anywhere? A hand written note is un-encrypted, and that's ok, since only those few individuals in and around the "note" can read it. Take a picture of it and post it online, in the cloud, and suddenly it's ok that anybody can read it (after user names/passwords have leaked or ....), why is that? This discussion will appear strange a while from now, when all is encrypted all the time.
  4. Thanks for the recommandatie about 1password, this exactly the approach I would forsere in EN. Solid Security to initially get in and EVERYTHING inside is ALWAYS secured. For EN not to be encrypted is fundamentally wrong, it's reasoning the wrong way round. So what's the argument for not doing so, Investment, indexing, laws, time? Investment: I'd expect a lot more potential with an encrypted version of EN, people skipping the app for a justified concern about their data would actually seriously consider it. With all the news around leaks, who wouldn't want their data secured. Indexing, surely this can be built in, if 1password can, why couldn't EN? If needed there could be a choice, with indexing or without, where with perhaps offers less space and slower Performance. Laws, I'd be surprised if any law forced EN to keep all content wide open, rather I'd expect the opposite, for laws to protect my privacy. Time, this would be a matter of reprioritization, if this is a feature a lot of users want, then just do it.
  5. EN should encrypt EVERYTHING by default, decrypting through logging in with a password, why does this seem such a hard thing to implement? Users should be able to lock/encrypt a note, a notebook, as they prefer.
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